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Do Semi-Trucks Contain a “Black Box” to Help Support My Accident Claim?

Airplanes, trains, and other commercial vehicles carry a device often referred to as a “black box” that records data to help investigators understand the movements that led up to a collision.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration requires interstate commercial trucks to be equipped with black boxes, which are also called Electronic Logging Devices, or ELDs.

When large commercial trucks, like 18-wheelers, come equipped with ELDs, the important information recorded by these devices provide insight into what or who was the cause of a truck crash, including human error, like negligence, or environmental factors, like fog or wildlife, or manufacturing malfunctions, like brake or transmission failures.

The data is particularly valuable to assist in recreating the crash, which could uncover the evidence our Las Cruces truck accident attorneys can use to build a strong case that allows us to pursue the financial recovery our clients deserve for their injuries.

What is a Semi-Truck Electronic Logging Device?

Electronic Logging Devices are designed to detect certain actions and data from the 5-10 seconds before a semi-truck crash occurs, which can be reviewed to reveal insight into how and why the collision happened.

This information can be critical when investigating a truck accident that caused severe injuries or even death, so the proper party is held accountable for the damages they caused.

ELDs not only preserve this important data, but they also monitor driving time to ensure truck drivers comply with federal hours of service regulations. These regulations are designed and enforced to limit truck driver fatigue, which can also cause serious traffic collisions.

What Do Electronic Logging Devices Reveal About Large Truck Accidents?

ELDs can provide a wealth of information about what led to a semi-truck accident, which helps assign liability for the collision.

This is important for many reasons, including discovering why the crash occurred and how to prevent another potentially catastrophic accident like it from happening again.

Information that may be revealed from a semi-truck’s ELD includes:

  • Driver speed
  • GPS coordinates
  • Steering position
  • Braking activity
  • Seatbelt use

This means investigators can understand the behind the scenes data from the truck’s operation, including any mechanical issues, and whether the truck driver was acting erratically by making quick maneuvers or excessive braking techniques before a collision occurred.

How Can I Access the ELD Information to Help Build My Personal Injury Claim?

After a truck accident occurs, the trucking company, their insurance company, and attorneys are going to immediately launch their own investigation, which means securing the ELD to review the data.

Accident injury victims typically do not have the experience or resources required to actively ensure that evidence is preserved, obtained, and reviewed. That is why it is so important to partner with a truck accident attorney in Las Cruces immediately after a collision with an 18-wheeler occurs.

If you do not act quickly, the evidence could disappear or be destroyed, even though it may prove the truck driver or trucking company is liable for your injuries.

When you partner with our New Mexico truck accident attorneys immediately after the crash, we will take steps to secure all the evidence, including the ELD, so it can be downloaded and evaluated by our truck collision specialists.

When the truck accident data is available, it may be used to reconstruct the accident, which can strengthen your case, especially if the truck driver or trucking company disputes fault and refuses to accept responsibility for the collision.

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