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Truck Accident Attorneys in Clovis, New Mexico

At the Law Office of Samuel I. Kane P.A., our Clovis, New Mexico truck accident attorneys deliver exacting legal representation that gives our community the confidence they need to face the negligent truck driver, trucking company, or third-party who caused their injuries for the best financial outcome available for their unique case.

With almost 38,000 residents calling our Curry County city home, we are dedicated to delivering results, so truck accident victims can get their lives back. Our Clovis truck accident attorneys understand that our city’s railways and heavy transport needs to place our community members in danger each time a negligent truck driver takes the road, and we want to help you hold them responsible for their reckless behavior.

Why Are There So Many Semi-Trucks Traveling Our Clovis, New Mexico Roads?

In Clovis, New Mexico, some of our largest employers are industrial operators that rely on the trucking industry for their growth and their employees’ livelihoods. We know that the trucking industry is an important part of not just our commerce, but that of the entire nation, which is why our Clovis truck accident lawyer hold negligent parties accountable for the crashes they cause.

We not only want to pursue the financial outcomes our clients deserve, but our Clovis truck accident attorney want to hold these drivers and companies responsible for the safety they need to exhibit going forward.

Some of our largest employers include:

Who Is Responsible For A Truck Accident In Clovis, New Mexico?

At the Law Office of Samuel I. Kane P.A., our truck accident lawyers in Clovis, New Mexico rely on our investigative skills, partnerships, and resources to ensure we are getting to the bottom of your crash and its cause.

Truck accident causes can include:

  • Driver error, distraction, or impairment
  • Illegal operation of a truck when it violates the hours of service regulations
  • Improper cargo loading, locking, or security before leaving the distributor
  • Mechanical defects, overlooked or ignored by the manufacturer
  • Truck maintenance facilities that fail to provide proper scheduled maintenance
  • Trucking companies that hire unskilled drivers who lack proper training or credentials

How Much Can I Recover From A Clovis, New Mexico Truck Accident?

Each truck accident and its injuries are unique. Your case may be different than any other case you have read about, but the skill involved in getting the best outcome available is where our Clovis truck accident attorneys stand apart.

We will pursue each of your needs, placing a financial recovery value to those that apply to your case, which can include:

  • Complete medical care
  • Lost wages
  • Property damage
  • Temporary or permanent disability
  • Partial or full disability
  • Wrongful death

Dealing with the death of a loved one who was involved in a truck accident is one of the most difficult scenarios our clients face. If you have questions about the Clovis truck crash that took the life of someone you love, talk to us about your loss. Our Clovis truck accident lawyer may be able to help you pursue compensation that will provide the time you need to fully grieve.

Contact Our Truck Accident Attorneys In Clovis, New Mexico Today for a Free Consultation

Contact our Law Office of Samuel I. Kane P.A. truck accident attorneys in Clovis, New Mexico today at (575) 222-0472 for a free, no-obligation consultation. You may not know who is responsible for your injuries, but we can help you get the bottom of your semi-truck crash effectively, so you can pursue financial results.

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