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Avoid Behaviors That Can Lead to Semi-Truck Accidents in New Mexico

At the Law Office of Samuel I. Kane, P.A., our truck accident attorneys in Las Cruces know that there is very little other motorists can do when the driver of an 18-wheeler is negligently operating such a large vehicle on our roadways.

Intoxicated, speeding or distracted truck drivers cause serious crashes throughout New Mexico that other drivers never see coming, leaving thousands of people injured each year, and countless families reeling from the losses of their loved ones.

While there is nothing any of us can do to keep negligent truck drivers off our roadways, our Dona Ana County truck accident attorneys have a few tips for motorists who are sharing the roads with commercial vehicles, so they can help keep themselves and their passengers safe.

Tip #1: Give Semi-Truck Drivers Plenty of Space

Semi-trucks and large other commercial vehicles have decreased maneuverability.

Unlike passenger vehicles, these large trucks have a difficult time moving in and out of traffic, making turns, and changing lanes.

When drivers are traveling behind or next to a semi-truck, they should give the driver plenty of room in case of an emergency, so they can react to any potential hazards, including a reckless driver, debris in the road, or a sudden need to stop.

Tip #2: Be Aware of the Truck Driver’s Blind Spots

One common way to ensure you are not traveling in a semi-driver’s blind spot – meaning they cannot see you – is to look for the driver in one of the truck’s side mirrors. If you cannot see the truck driver’s face, there is a good chance he or she cannot see you.

Tip #3: Pay Attention to Turn Signals

All commercial vehicles require more clearance room to make a turn than a passenger vehicle. Watch for truck drivers’ turn signals, so you can steer clear of tight squeezes that can cause serious accidents with injuries.

Tip #4: Avoid Driving Distracted

If you are not paying attention to the road ahead, or the drivers beside you, you are the negligent driver. Put your phone down, keep your eyes on the road, and your hands on the wheel, so you can react quickly to any potential dangers, including a swerving truck or a commercial vehicle that makes a sudden stop.

Tip #5: Contact Our Attorneys After a New Mexico Truck Accident

If you have been hurt in a truck accident in New Mexico, contact our truck accident lawyers in New Mexico at the Law Office of Samuel I. Kane by calling 575-222-0472 to schedule a free consultation, so we can review the circumstances of your truck crash injuries and begin building your case for success.

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