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Are Trucking Companies Taking Steps to Make Their Fleets Safer?

At the Law Office of Samuel I. Kane, P.A., our truck accident attorneys in New Mexico know it is hard to ignore the ongoing changes in technology, whether they are in our personal devices, in our home’s appliances and entertainment options, or our cars.

Automakers are rapidly attempting to outpace their competition by expanding safety features in their vehicles that provide stability control, collision warning systems, and even automatic braking features that may prevent an accident from occurring at all.

What our New Mexico truck accident lawyers have noticed throughout this technological evolution is that while we all may be driving safer vehicles, we may still be riding alongside semi-trucks that may not share similar devices, which begs the question, what are trucking companies doing to lower the risk of crashes?

Do Semi-Trucks Currently Come Equipped with Standard Safety Features?

Some commercial trucking companies have taken the initiative to upgrade the technology features in their fleets to help decrease accidents and limit their liability.

Those features may include:

  • Air disc brakes
  • Lane-departure warnings
  • Blind-spot monitoring
  • Electronic stability control
  • Automatic emergency braking systems
  • Forward video monitoring
  • Smart cruise control

While many of these features only appear on newer semi-trucks, our roadways are still dominated by older vehicles that have very few of these safety inclusions.

The cost of updating trucks can be overwhelming and is probably the reason most fleets have not been outfitted with the latest technology.

Other trucks are independently owned by the truck driver, which makes the expense of an upgrade too much to consider on their existing salary.

As technology continues to evolve, and small changes to increase our safety are made more affordable, all drivers may be able to adopt vehicle additions that decrease accidents in Las Cruces and across the country. Until then, we will all have to do our part — truck drivers included — to pay attention behind the wheel and drive safely on our own.

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