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How Can Truck Accident Reconstruction Help Strengthen My New Mexico Personal Injury Claim?

At the Law Office of Samuel I. Kane, P.A., our truck accident attorneys in Las Cruces have helped New Mexico clients pursue the best financial recovery outcomes for their unique personal injuries caused by a truck driver, trucking companies, and other third-party negligence for nearly two decades.

In each of those cases, proving negligence through accident reconstruction is a key factor that our New Mexico truck accident lawyers must clearly outline for insurance companies to understand how their policyholders have changed our clients’ lives.

What Happens During Truck Accident Reconstruction?

Truck accident reconstruction is the process of gathering valuable information about a collision and scientifically analyzing it to determine the cause of the crash.

This process can tell us more than what contributed to the collisions, but how and why it occurred, and how future crashes like it can be prevented.

How Can Truck Accident Reconstruction Help Strengthen New Mexico My Personal Injury Case?

Truck accident reconstruction helps our skilled Las Cruces truck defect lawyers understand each aspect of our client’s crash, so we can tell their complete story, including how the collision impacted their life.

That includes outlining the crash factors for the insurance company, the judge, or a jury to explain the:

  • Weights and dimensions of the vehicles
  • How the accident was caused
  • What human factors, including actions or inaction, impacted the accident
  • Time, speed, and position of the vehicles involved in the crash
  • Steering and braking information
  • Weather and road conditions
  • Direction of travel

Accident reconstructionists will also visit the crash scene to gather important evidence, including photographing skid marks, damage to the vehicles, and other pertinent aspects of the crash before entering the data into accident reconstruction software or a simulation model to analyze the complete crash facts.

Proving negligence occurred in any capacity during a New Mexico truck accident is important to your case, as it allows us to present the facts for review, so our clients can pursue the financial recovery they deserve for the injuries they suffered.

Contact Our Truck Accident Attorneys in New Mexico at The Law Office of Samuel I. Kane

If you have been hurt in a truck accident in New Mexico, contact our truck accident lawyers in Las Cruces at the Law Office of Samuel I. Kane by calling 575-222-0472 to schedule a free consultation, so we can review the circumstances of your truck crash injuries and begin building your case for success.

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