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FMCSA Issues New Driver-Ban Rules for Drug And Alcohol Abusers in New Mexico

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, the federal agency responsible for regulating the trucking industry in the United States, just passed a new directive requiring all 50 states to ban drivers with drug and alcohol violations from operating a truck before the drivers complete the return-to-duty process by November 2024.

What Does the New FMSCA Regulation Mean to New Mexico Residents?

A 2020 Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration proposal requiring state agencies to stop issuing, renewing, or upgrading commercial driver’s licenses or commercial learner’s permits to drivers with drug and alcohol violations is now a rule for all states.

Federal trucking regulators are cracking down on state driver licensing agencies, requiring that they keep a closer watch for commercial motor vehicle drivers with drug or alcohol violations, and removing their driving privileges within 60 days after being notified of a test failure.

The final rule is designed to help keep unsafe drivers off the road by increasing compliance with the Commercial Motor Vehicle driving prohibition.

What are the Consequences of Violating FMSCA Regulations?

Our truck accident attorneys in Las Cruces at the Law Office of Samuel I. Kane, P.A., applaud the FMCSA for all new regulations that help keep our New Mexico residents safe on our roadways. Unfortunately, we also know that regulations are not always followed.

When truck drivers, trucking companies, or another third party violate safety regulations, including disobeying hiring regulations, hours of service rules, loading, or maintenance requirements, other drivers sharing the roadway are going to get hurt or killed in collisions with these large trucks.

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