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Road Hazards Can Contribute to Dangerous Las Cruces Truck Accidents

Our Las Cruces truck accident attorneys at the Law Office of Samuel I. Kane, P.A. know truck accidents can happen without notice, causing severe injuries that take weeks, months, and even years to overcome physically, emotionally, and financially.

Dangerous road conditions can contribute to these collisions and place any type of vehicle in jeopardy of a collision.

The difference is, road hazards can add to the frequency of semi-truck accidents because far too many truck drivers are operating their large vehicles too fast for the conditions they are facing, placing everyone on our New Mexico roadways is in danger.

Conditions like wet roads require special attention from all drivers, especially those operating a 53-foot long, 80,000-pound vehicle.

Truck drivers must learn the dangers of common truck road hazards to learn how to safely navigate them, even when the circumstances are unavoidable.

What Are the Most Common Types of Road Hazards That Can Lead to Truck Accidents?

Truck road hazards vary widely based on the circumstances and can include inclement weather, road conditions, construction, debris, and other environmental hazards that can catch any driver off guard.

When driving a passenger vehicle, the operator may easily swerve to avoid debris or an animal crossing the road.

Semi-truck drivers do not have that ability, as quickly turning the wheel can cause the truck’s trailer to overturn without notice.

That is why truck drivers must maintain their awareness each second they are behind the wheel, so they can operate their truck in the safest way possible.

The most common types of road hazards that can lead to severe truck accidents in Las Cruces include:

  • Potholes, Uneven, and Damaged Roads

Damaged roadways can wreak havoc on any vehicle, especially semi-trucks. The moving parts necessary to operate a large truck safely can be damaged during a long road trip, which is why the truck driver and trucking company must properly maintain the vehicles after each pick-up or delivery. When they do not follow an important maintenance schedule, serious collisions can result.

  • Roadway Debris 

Water, litter, debris from other vehicles including glass, auto parts, and plastics can become serious hazards when truck drivers cannot maneuver around the objects safely. Therefore, drivers must avoid distractions and focus on their travel.

  • Animal Crossings

Animals are unpredictable and can run into the roadway without notice. When trucks swerve to avoid animals, they can cause serious collisions. That is why semi-truck drivers must undergo proper training before getting behind the wheel.

  • Pedestrians & Children

Semi-trucks traverse more than highways, which means they often drive down our Las Cruces city streets to make local deliveries.

When truck drivers do not yield to the right of way of pedestrians or are operating too quickly to avoid unpredictable children who are too close to the road, deadly circumstances can result.

Truck drivers must focus on the task of driving their large vehicles each moment they are behind the wheel, to not only avoid accidents but to ensure their negligent behavior is not directly leading to these dangerous collisions. When they operate their semi-trucks recklessly, our truck accident lawyers in Las Cruces are here to help you and your family hold them accountable.

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