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FMCSA’s Drug & Alcohol Clearinghouse Lists Top Used Drugs Among Truck Drivers

According to the first in-depth summary of results from the Drug and Alcohol Clearinghouse released by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration — the federal agency charged with providing safety oversight and regulating commercial motor vehicles in the United States — positive drug tests accounted for 80% of the total violations reported to the agency in the first five months of 2020.

The FMCSA began conducting its Clearinghouse study in January 2020 and released the compiled results through May 2020, which accounted for 21,156 screenings that resulted in positive drug tests.

At the Law Office of Samuel I. Kane, our Mesilla, New Mexico truck accident attorneys know that impaired driving can lead to severe accidents when large commercial trucks collide with much smaller passenger vehicles. And when anyone in our New Mexico communities is injured by a negligent truck driver — or loses a loved one to their reckless behavior — we want to help them pursue the responsible party for their financial recovery.

What Were the Most Common Types of Truck Driver Drug Use Reported in the Study?

In just the first five months of the FMCSA Clearinghouse study, preferred drugs by truck drivers who failed the screening were:

  • Marijuana, accounting for 10,388 positive results
  • Cocaine, accounting for 3,192 positive results
  • Methamphetamine, accounting for 2,184 positive results
  • Amphetamine, accounting for 2,180 positive results
  • Alcohol concentration of .04 BAC or higher, accounting for 296 positive results
  • The balance of the nearly 3,000 truck drivers counted in the study refused either the drug or alcohol test, which resulted in assumed positive results

Trucking company employers are required to submit inquiries with FMSCA when hiring a new employee who is a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) holder to ensure their CDL driving privileges have not been revoked by the agency.

Trucking companies must also submit annual inquiries for each CDL driver they employ to ensure they have not been reported for failing a drug or alcohol screening.

When employers fail to conduct accurate and timely background screenings on their drivers, they too may be held accountable for the damages that driver causes during a collision.

Are Truck Drivers Able to Return to Work After Testing Positive for Alcohol or Drugs?

If a truck driver has a drug or alcohol violation recorded against him or her, they must be removed from driving a commercial motor vehicle until they have completed a specific return-to-duty process.

This process includes a probationary period where the driver is required to undergo a substance abuse assessment with a professional to determine the next steps in the recommended plan for their return.

This plan may differ for each truck driver, based on their previous record or the severity of their rehabilitation needs.

What If I Have Been Hurt In An Accident With A Truck Driver Who Was Under the Influence of Drugs or Alcohol?

If you or someone you love has been injured or killed in a truck accident caused by alcohol or drug-impaired truck driver, our New Mexico truck accident attorneys at the Law Office of Samuel I. Kane, P.A. want to help you pursue a personal injury claim against the responsible party today by 575-222-0472 to schedule a free consultation.

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